In 2012, our wholesale business moved to Brewery De Koninck in Antwerp. The space we did not have behind our store in the Fruithoflaan in Berchem is more than made up for here. In 2022 the wholesale moved to Wilrijk, where the necessary extra space was filled with 10 modern aging cells. Not only do we now welcome our catering customers in a magnificent setting, but the refining is also raised to an unparalleled level here.


From 1 maturing cell to 10. A huge difference and it shows. Not only do we now have more storage space so that cheeses can mature longer. Each cheese also has a different way of maturing. We put the cheeses with the same ripening conditions together and adjust each cell completely in function of this type of cheese. As a result, each cheese receives the specific care and maturation it needs.

Our cheeses

It’s easy to get lost in the gigantic range of cheeses. Here is a list of all the cheeses we provide at Kaasaffineurs Van Tricht.

‘It is no coincidence that we are located inside a brewery. Far too often cheese is associated only with wine. However the combination of cheese and beer is also delicious. A must for those who know it, and a must try for those who haven’t tasted it yet.’


Wil je graag onze kazen verdelen in je restaurant of winkel, neem dan zeker vrijblijvend contact met onze groothandel op of kom eens langs. Onze rijpingscellen zijn sinds kort verhuisd naar de Terbekehofdreef in Wilrijk.


Kazen Van Tricht Groothandel
Terbekehofdreef 47
2610 Wilrijk
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